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Artstation – Hard Surface Kitbash Library – Cables, Hoses, Tubes

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Artstation – Hard Surface Kitbash Library – Cables, Hoses, Tubes

Hard Surface Kitbash Library – Cables, Hoses, Tubes

= Each file will be about 3 times the size when extracted.
= Each file contains files for each model in obj, mtl, jpg plus max files

– This is a 130+ piece set of cables, hoses and tubes ready to be used for high poly additions to your models/concepts.

– Models are in Max 2013 format as well as obj. I’ve included “master” Max files that contain all the objects. One file has the objects evenly spaced, and one has every object at the origin for importing ease into other scenes. All meshes are named appropriately with basic material separations. There are no UV’s on the meshes.

– objs were exported with no smoothing applied so they can be imported into maya, zbrush, etc. easily. (please note that I have only tested the obj’s in zbrush and maya, so some adjustments to the obj’s might be needed based on what package is being used)

– Individual jpeg icons have also been included to make it easier to know what piece to import.


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