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Pandas Playbook: Visualization

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Level: Intermediate | Released: 9 Oct 2018
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Pandas is one of the most popular data analysis libraries for Python. In this course, you will learn how to create a wide range of plots for your data, and how to customize them to make them both attractive and informative for your audience.

At some point when you are working with a dataset, you will want to make the properties of that dataset visible in a graphical way. This is a core skill for every data scientist or data engineer. In this course, Pandas Playbook: Visualization, you’ll learn how to create a large variety of beautiful plots with Pandas, one of the most popular data analysis libraries for Python. First, you'll learn the very basics of plotting with pandas, learning how to prepare your dataset for plotting, and how to create common plots like a bar, line, and scatter plot. Next, you will explore matplotlib, the Python library that generates the actual graphics, how this interacts with Pandas, and how to use it correctly. Then, you will go more in-depth and learn about all the ways to customize your plots, including line styles, colors and themes, customizing axes and legends, creating interactive plots, and much more. Finally, you will see a short overview of two other visualization libraries that can be used with Pandas: Seaborn, which is focused on statistical plotting, and Bokeh, which can create interactive visuals for the web. After watching this course, you’ll have a deep understanding of all possible ways you can use Pandas to visualize your data. You'll know how to write efficient and clear code that creates beautiful plots, following best practices. This course will also make you more proficient in exploring datasets and communicating your results with others.


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  1. Pandas是Python最流行的数据分析库之一。在本课程中,您将学习如何为您的数据创建各种各样的图表,以及如何定制它们,使它们对您的观众既有吸引力又能大开眼界。 在处理数据集的某个时刻,您将希望以图形方式显示该数据集的属性。这是每个数据科学家或数据工程师掌握的核心技能。在本课程“Pandas行动手册:可视化”中,您将学习如何用Pandas创建各种各样的美丽的图表,Pandas是Python最流行的数据分析库之一。首先,你将学习用Pandas绘图的基本知识,学习如何准备数据集进行绘图,以及如何创建像条形、线条和散点图这样的公共图。接下来,您将探索生成实际图形的Python库matplolib,它如何与Pandas互动,以及如何正确使用它。然后,你会更深入地了解定制你的情节的所有方法,包括线条样式、颜色和主题、定制轴和图例、创建互动情节等等。最后,你将会看到另外两个可视化库的简要概述,这两个可视化库可以和Pandas一起使用: Seaborn,它专注于统计绘图,Bokeh,它可以为web创建交互式视觉效果。看完本课程后,你将会深入了解使用Pandas可视化数据的所有可能方式。遵循最佳实践,你将知道如何编写高效清晰的代码来创建美丽的图表。本课程还将使你更擅长探索数据集和与他人交流你的成果。
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