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Scrum Essentials Exam Prep

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Level: Intermediate | Released: 8 Oct 2018
Duration: 3h 7m | 371 MB

Scrum is the most popular agile framework in the world for new product development. In this course, you will learn the essentials of Scrum and be better prepared to take the Professional Scrum Master Level One exam by

Since 2001, organizations have increasingly chosen lightweight, agile frameworks for their new product development efforts. In this course, Scrum Essentials Exam Prep, you will learn the essential parts of the Scrum framework - the most popular agile framework in-use today. First, you'll discover how to distinguish between the two most popular Scrum organizations and their way of credentialing Scrum Masters: Scrum Alliance and Next, you'll learn all about Scrum's essential events roles, and artifacts. Finally, you'll round out your Scrum knowledge by exploring how to start and end a Scrum project. When you're finished with this course, you'll have an improved, fundamental knowledge of Scrum, plus you'll be better prepared and have greater confidence to take the Professional Scrum Master Level 1 exam from


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  1. Scrum基础考试指南 Scrum是当今世界上用于新产品开发的最流行的敏捷框架。在这部教程中,你将学习Scrum的基础知识,从而可以更好地准备由Scrum.org举办的考试。 自从2001年以来,企业逐渐选择轻量级的敏捷框架用于新产品开发。在本教程中,你将学习Scrum框架的基础部分,即2当前在使用的最流行的敏捷框架。首先,你将学习如何在两个最流行的Scrum组织之间,Scrum Alliance and,分辨他们对Scrum Master的认证。接下来,你将学习Scrum的基础事件角色和成果物的知识。最后,你将通过学习如何开始和结束一个Scrum项目完成学习。当你学习完本教程,你将对Scrum的基础知识有一个全新的认识。另外,你将更好滴准备和自信地参加考试。
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