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Elsten Software Bliss 20180924

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Elsten Software Bliss 20180924
Elsten Software Bliss是一款对本地音乐进行可视化管理的软件,它是基于浏览器的网络数据抓取而运行的,能够自动化的为你本地的音乐进行专辑作品、音乐类型的分类与筛选,同时还可以用户自定义的筛选类型,bliss是一个简单而准确的专辑艺术发现者。为你的音乐艺术而做出更加好的管理!

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Album artwork downloaded, organized, automatically. bliss is a simple and accurate album artwork finder. Discover art for rare recordings. Free your art to view anywhere.

Album artwork finder.
Download album artwork automatically with bliss
bliss is an album artwork finder that is simple, fast and accurate. bliss finds and installs album artwork automatically. bliss is fully automated and can even add album artwork to your music in the background, as you add the music to your collection. bliss uses both reputable and expansive sources for its album art.

Music folder organizer
Assess your current music file and folder structure
Organize your music files and folders by specifying a file organisation pattern. bliss then synchronises your tags with your file names. Choose from different tags to include in the file organisation pattern, and how you want to treat whitespace. You can perform the changes automatically if you like, ideal for large collections.

Control your genres
Filter genres into a defined subset
Keep track of the genres in your music collection. Music genres are notorious for ballooning as you add more music from different sources. Some genres are general, like 'Classical', while some are specific, like 'Experimental Big Band'. bliss allows you to control which genres are allowed in your music collection.

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